Welcome to Siraam Tours

Siraam Tours and Travels is a duly registered company to offer inbound travel services in Kenya. Siraam is a Maasai and Samburu sub tribes’ local name for the majestic Kudu antelopes whose sparse population is still found in the semi-arid Northern regions of Kenya. It’s beautiful spiral horns have a significant cultural value for both communities as a music instrument.

At Siraam Tours and Travels we offer top-notch leisure travel services to all our customers with a unique and memorable African safari experience. Our team of dynamic professionals with extensive knowledge, skills and experience all around our destinations will help you plan and customize you travel needs according to your preferences. We offer our clients very fantastic, high quality value for money itineraries punctuated with the most pristine and breathtaking sites of Africa wilderness. We offer the best possible travel expert guidance in planning and personalization of our customers dream safari for their greater enjoyment and fulfillment. Unlimited opportunities to learn explore and discover the East African destination is a common feature offered throughout our scheduled game drives, boat safaris, hot air safaris, beach holidays, honeymoon holidays, city tours, cultural tours, weekend getaways, slum visits, guided bush walks and cultural tours.

Our passion for  evironmental sustainability is derived from a deeper respect and understanding of what nature provides. At Siraam Tours, we network with our partners such as hotels and transport industry. This is to ensure that all our tourism business offerings and activities (safari products) are consumed in a responsible manner that promotes protection, preservation and conservation of the environment.

Every stage of your Siraam Tours safari is offered as relaxation or an escapade moment in cultivating a long-term relationship. Welcome to Siraam Tours for an incredible life-time African travel encounter.

Your will always keep coming back…!